Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesdays with Daydream believer

...aren't as exciting as you would think.  The children's school schedule was on track today so they had full day of school and I had work.  It was uneventful for the most part.  8 finished his homework on the bus and got to play his video game.  18 stayed after school for her play until 5:30 and 16 has been holed up in his room for a while watching movies on his laptop. 

I am beginning to feel lonely at night without Lighthouse here.  He works until 8pm and then does his 1hr commute back -- so by the time he gets home most of the chores are done and everyone is settled in for the night.  I am usually half-asleep when he finally comes up.  Although it is comfortable to know that he is always there for us in spirit and does work hard at work and in the home, I still miss his presence here at night.  It is a rarity that we are all together anymore on any given night without errands or "pick-ups" to do in between.  I was hoping for a snow day tomorrow but it looks as if it will miss us.

That's ok, I need to work and make some money to pay these ever-increasing bills.  BOY are teenagers expensive!  Soon enough we will be paying several hundreds of dollars for college registration and housing in the next few months.  Can it really be? I am going to miss her terribly.  Fly little birdie fly. 

 Well my dearie, I'm off to change into my comfies and wait for my darling to call me on his way home.  I'm sorry this is so mundane and boring.  Better thoughts to come.

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