Monday, January 24, 2011

Freezing Tempatures and Hot Tempers

We have a two-hour delay this morning due to the temperature being -15 here in the country.  The children are lazily getting around for the school day.  8 gets up nicely but when I remind him that he is grounded off the X-Box for his bedtime behavior last night, he starts his negative rant.  How indignant!  I offer a chance at redemption if he will get dressed and eat breakfast without attitude.  As I write this, he has spilled his cereal milk because he was mad that we wouldn't get him a spoon.  I'm not waiting on him and feeding his demands.  He gets angry and nudges his tv table away - thus spilling said milk.  SIGH

Now, it is almost 8am and I will need to get in the shower to make it to work, my little part-time job in "town."  My work day will depend upon my boss' mood as it always does.  Hopefully she had a good weekend and is feeling fine.  If so, then I can knock out 5 hours of work and make it home just in time for the bus to roll up the drive and let 8 out for the afternoon.  THEN that will begin my 2nd half of the day.  Homework (with complaining), dinner (with complaining), bathtime (with complaining) and bedtime (with complaining).  Thus, I complain to you -- my blog.  Thank you.

My husband (whose blogger post name is: "Lighthouse") goes to work at 10am and gets home at 9pm.  He has a heck of a commute to the Poconos.  At least he has found a guy to carpool with so we are hoping that will save us gas and car mileage. 

Lighthouse is the name I gave him in 2006 because he was a beacon of light in that day.  And still, when I stop to think, he continues to empower us with kindness and a gentle spirit.  

This is a hurried post my dear as I have to go.  I'm trying to practice my blogging again so bear with me. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. Luv ya DDB! :-)