Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog...

Today was a trying day with frozen pipes in the morning and tantrums in the evening.  I managed to get a few things done around the house this weekend and we are mostly caught up with laundry.  As boring as that is, it is a great help to start the week with clean clothing.  I even have the teenager's coats in for a nice wash.

I found my old url was available and as risky as that might be for my anonymity, I just couldn't resist.  My last round of serious blogging was about my single life with three kids and a lot has happened since then.  My eldest, my now 18 and months away from leaving the nest.  My middle son is 16 and absolutely charming and fun.  My youngest is 8 and as full of spitfire as ever.  These are the days of my life...

I am remarried now, to a boy from my youth, of course now a man.  We are struggling through the meager economy as most are, and making some changes to our lifestyle because of it.  I try to stay positive but fail miserably by the end of the day out of sheer habit.  It has been at least four years since I blogged with any true heart or habit.  My old blog was so awesome and I have it still in a way...but had to delete it because I was going through a custody situation at the time, and quite frankly you should not blog about your daily life online if you are having a custody battle.  It is of my opinion, that most persons today who are parents are unfit in some form or another and to write about your shortcomings and worries is just plain foolish.

I finally quit my job at the church.  I just couldn't take a sixth year of the same old thing.  Boredom and routine had set in -- deeply.  I was unchallenged and unhappy.  I tried to work full-time but had a horrible time meeting my family obligations.  I cut my losses and now work part-time again for an attorney.  It is a very very meager living but I like the work.  More will come on that -- as much as I can tell.

Blogger, you have changed!  You look like a first-time "divorcee" who went out and got highlights and lost 50lbs and decided to spend most Saturday nights at the "club."  Hmmmn.  I will figure it all out as I roll.

As I write this, my 8 is having his "bednight" (as he calls it) snack and we are winding down for the night.  I have poured a glass of Pinot Grigio to cap off the night and am waiting for my true love to get home from a long days work.  We pray for no more frozen pipes in the drafty farmhouse tonight...and a better day tomorrow.

Happy Sunday.

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