Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesdays with Daydream believer

...aren't as exciting as you would think.  The children's school schedule was on track today so they had full day of school and I had work.  It was uneventful for the most part.  8 finished his homework on the bus and got to play his video game.  18 stayed after school for her play until 5:30 and 16 has been holed up in his room for a while watching movies on his laptop. 

I am beginning to feel lonely at night without Lighthouse here.  He works until 8pm and then does his 1hr commute back -- so by the time he gets home most of the chores are done and everyone is settled in for the night.  I am usually half-asleep when he finally comes up.  Although it is comfortable to know that he is always there for us in spirit and does work hard at work and in the home, I still miss his presence here at night.  It is a rarity that we are all together anymore on any given night without errands or "pick-ups" to do in between.  I was hoping for a snow day tomorrow but it looks as if it will miss us.

That's ok, I need to work and make some money to pay these ever-increasing bills.  BOY are teenagers expensive!  Soon enough we will be paying several hundreds of dollars for college registration and housing in the next few months.  Can it really be? I am going to miss her terribly.  Fly little birdie fly. 

 Well my dearie, I'm off to change into my comfies and wait for my darling to call me on his way home.  I'm sorry this is so mundane and boring.  Better thoughts to come.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Freezing Tempatures and Hot Tempers

We have a two-hour delay this morning due to the temperature being -15 here in the country.  The children are lazily getting around for the school day.  8 gets up nicely but when I remind him that he is grounded off the X-Box for his bedtime behavior last night, he starts his negative rant.  How indignant!  I offer a chance at redemption if he will get dressed and eat breakfast without attitude.  As I write this, he has spilled his cereal milk because he was mad that we wouldn't get him a spoon.  I'm not waiting on him and feeding his demands.  He gets angry and nudges his tv table away - thus spilling said milk.  SIGH

Now, it is almost 8am and I will need to get in the shower to make it to work, my little part-time job in "town."  My work day will depend upon my boss' mood as it always does.  Hopefully she had a good weekend and is feeling fine.  If so, then I can knock out 5 hours of work and make it home just in time for the bus to roll up the drive and let 8 out for the afternoon.  THEN that will begin my 2nd half of the day.  Homework (with complaining), dinner (with complaining), bathtime (with complaining) and bedtime (with complaining).  Thus, I complain to you -- my blog.  Thank you.

My husband (whose blogger post name is: "Lighthouse") goes to work at 10am and gets home at 9pm.  He has a heck of a commute to the Poconos.  At least he has found a guy to carpool with so we are hoping that will save us gas and car mileage. 

Lighthouse is the name I gave him in 2006 because he was a beacon of light in that day.  And still, when I stop to think, he continues to empower us with kindness and a gentle spirit.  

This is a hurried post my dear as I have to go.  I'm trying to practice my blogging again so bear with me. 

Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog...

Today was a trying day with frozen pipes in the morning and tantrums in the evening.  I managed to get a few things done around the house this weekend and we are mostly caught up with laundry.  As boring as that is, it is a great help to start the week with clean clothing.  I even have the teenager's coats in for a nice wash.

I found my old url was available and as risky as that might be for my anonymity, I just couldn't resist.  My last round of serious blogging was about my single life with three kids and a lot has happened since then.  My eldest, my daughter...is now 18 and months away from leaving the nest.  My middle son is 16 and absolutely charming and fun.  My youngest is 8 and as full of spitfire as ever.  These are the days of my life...

I am remarried now, to a boy from my youth, of course now a man.  We are struggling through the meager economy as most are, and making some changes to our lifestyle because of it.  I try to stay positive but fail miserably by the end of the day out of sheer habit.  It has been at least four years since I blogged with any true heart or habit.  My old blog was so awesome and I have it still in a way...but had to delete it because I was going through a custody situation at the time, and quite frankly you should not blog about your daily life online if you are having a custody battle.  It is of my opinion, that most persons today who are parents are unfit in some form or another and to write about your shortcomings and worries is just plain foolish.

I finally quit my job at the church.  I just couldn't take a sixth year of the same old thing.  Boredom and routine had set in -- deeply.  I was unchallenged and unhappy.  I tried to work full-time but had a horrible time meeting my family obligations.  I cut my losses and now work part-time again for an attorney.  It is a very very meager living but I like the work.  More will come on that -- as much as I can tell.

Blogger, you have changed!  You look like a first-time "divorcee" who went out and got highlights and lost 50lbs and decided to spend most Saturday nights at the "club."  Hmmmn.  I will figure it all out as I roll.

As I write this, my 8 is having his "bednight" (as he calls it) snack and we are winding down for the night.  I have poured a glass of Pinot Grigio to cap off the night and am waiting for my true love to get home from a long days work.  We pray for no more frozen pipes in the drafty farmhouse tonight...and a better day tomorrow.

Happy Sunday.